I’ve been lately playing with this blog, customizing preparing the floor for this first post. I’ve used for this, the BlogEngine.NET, which seems to be very powerfull and versatile.

I opted for a simple and clean dark look instead of a heavy fractal background image and transparency on posts, which was pretty cool, but bad for reading. For the title gradient look, I was inspired by a nice post in Tutorial9 website, which has some good web design tips and tutorials. Check out.

The intent of this blog is to register and share my findigs on any topic, language and subject that is related to programming and software development in a general way. I’ll post my findings as soon as I have something new and useful to post!

My interests are .NET Framework development, specially web-based (ASP.NET) with C#; Javascript, HTML, CSS, Flash Development (ActionScript) and so forth.

So, to officially open this blog, I start with a quick z-axis CSS trick that I found out lately:

In order to be able to specify a z-index to an element in an HTML page, that element must be absolutely positioned (position: absolute), as per w3-schools. You can achieve this by setting only your inner-most div to position:absolute, since absolute positioned elements are not repositioned when the window is resized, so it would be probably useful to put it inside a centered div in order to not to compromise the whole page appearance.