I’m a Brazilian Software Engineer from Porto Alegre with over 10 years of experience. BSc in Computer Science from PUCRS.

I’ve worked for companies like HP, ThoughtWorks and Airbnb and also co-founded a couple of small startups. I currently live in Seattle and work for Stripe. I’m an advocate for clean, maintainable and testable code.

As a typical soccer fanatic, I support my howetown team Gremio. My dog (in the picture above) is called Chaves, as a homage to Chespirito’s character in the TV show El Chavo del Ocho. Chespirito which was a big part of my infancy and still, to this day, is to me one of the greatest comedians of all time.


  • Functional programming
  • Graphics programming
  • Console emulation
  • Programming languages (currently Rust, Haskell and especially Kotlin)
  • Cryptocurrencies